GOOGLE 5-star reviews

I just took my boyfriend’s truck in for a courtesy check (to check on previous work done by them), and an oil change. They were friendly, courteous, and gave me a detailed report afterwards, including suggesting further work that needs to be done. They were fairly quick too, and even offered to give me a ride somewhere so I wouldn’t have to wait there.

- Chantel


Thanks for the quick, helpful and efficient service, with a smile. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, and always take the time to explain what repairs are urgently required and what repairs are able to wait. I really appreciate the honesty, this makes me feel like a valuable customer! The detailed quote you give your customers gives us the opportunity to plan for future repairs. Superb job.

- Michelle


Fantastic service as always.

- Nicole


Found and fixed an issue in my truck that other 3 shops in town couldn't figure out, and all within less than an hour since I showed up. Customer service was great. Would come back again.

- Serhii


went there for a second opinion on some expensive repairs I was told I needed. They were very honest with me about what needed to be done and they just seem like really great people. The repairs were done well and I’m very happy with the whole experience. I highly recommend!

- Doug


Very professional staff and they were great communicating any issues with the vehicle and breaking down the costs of repairs, and they referred us to a body repair shop.

- Savannah


Excellent Service!!! Owners are easy to talk to. Honest work and proficient.

- Dianna